Even if takes some time, i’ll do the possible and impossible to ship to you.
We are shipping trough DHL/Fedex express, shipping times are between 5~7 days.

We are accepting shippings from PO boxes for now.
People from Russia and Mexico please contact us trough email before paying.
I’m using a Fowarding service to some countries in europe that have complicated customs. (so if you see that your pacakge was sent to a different country that must be the reason :3 )

We send as a registered company in Brazil, as such we are able to ship with
a Government officialized invoice, this allows things to go trough customs easily, (I make shipments to EU and US regularly and it doesn’t fail, depending on country customs will contact you, but when following the instructions I sent to you, it almost never fail.). I don’t ship it marked as hormones, please before answering any possible questions from Courier companies or customs e-mail me first.

Any problems with shipping, please contact me on my whatsapp for an quicker answer +55 982753843