Transdermal Testosterone

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Transdermal testosterone for Erectile dysfunction (can also be used for Transmen as HRT if you’re not able to get anything better)

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(androgel equivalent)


10 mg / pump (0.2ml)

55ml Bottle – 100 USD

7 reviews for Transdermal Testosterone

  1. Jordan

    Arrived much faster than I anticipated and in great condition! Thanks so much

  2. ev

    this is so good luv the flavour

  3. Paige Fournier

    Arrived safe and sound without too long of a wait, thanks!

  4. Max Chad

    Used to supplement gains. Definitely see improvement. Getting pumped.

  5. Jamie (verified owner)

    Seems wonderful and worked!

    However quick question. From resources I see a lot of people such as r/drwillpowers will recommend no more than 2.5 mg to be applied weekly to genitalia to restore function, this seems to be 10 mg per pump, is this a concern or is this a different type where it needs 10 mg?

  6. Rich Piana

    dude i’m fucking bricked. I just injected 500mg/ml of T and now I’m ready to go SIGMA MODE

  7. Dominic

    Jamie, transdermal T has a 10% absorption rate assuming you shower and exfoliate, you can get up to 30% if you use a penetrating solvent like DMSO.

    This test is a 5% concentration (50mg/1ml) (1ml of liquid weighs around 1000mg, well not quite since alcohol isn’t the same density as water but close enough).

    A 10mg pump is based on the concentration x the volume (.2ml (200mg of liquid) times .05% so 10mg). Of that about 1mg is absorbed so you are under the 2.5mg dose that powers suggests. I use T and use around 3ml of 5% gel, so 150mg which becomes 15mg when absorbed. I think otokonoko might be listing the volume of the pump wrong because compunded testosterone at 2ml not 0.2ml. 0.2ml is tiny, 1ml is about the size of a drop of water.

    I doubt it since androgel pumps are 1.25ml and you use between 2 and 4 of them. 250 doses of transdermal T seems like an implausibly good deal. (For comparison it’s $200 a month for androgel for like 30-50 doses.

    TLDR, If the volume is actually 0.2ml you are fine. If it is 2ml you are getting a TRT dose that men would take. Sorry this was long but it all hinges on the pump accuracy.

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