Estradiol Valerate

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Estradiol Valerate  10 ml/400mg – 55 USD (Less than 3 units 65 USD each)

This is our entry product, we advise for monotherapy dosages (0.18ml every 5 days), this make a small 10ml vial to last for 9 months,

Estradiol Valerate – 40mg/ml, Benzyl Benzoate ,Benzyl Alcohool, MCT

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15 reviews for Estradiol Valerate

  1. doggo/jane

    came on time.

  2. Ayla (verified owner)

    This is pharmacy grade Estradiol valerate, It was recieved in the US after only a week! Fastest delivery out of all the HRT suppliers I’ve experienced. Thank you 🙂

  3. Arina (verified owner)

    quick shipping, quality packaging, and great efficacy

  4. Jaisha

    Very fast delivery to the UK, even with all the covid problems. I seem to be having good progress 3 months in, noticing fat redistribution.. finally. will order more soon just in case of shortages.

  5. Zoey

    after almost 3 months I’m really loving the effects so far

  6. Charlotte

    I’ve been through an entire vial (purchased july 2020, started treatment september2020) with only positve effects and the test results to back it up, shipping is as quick as shipping and customs will allow and the price completely completely destroys the other grey market supplies. I highly suggest and endorse Lilian and her products.

  7. Tammy

    came very quickly once shipped , so far so good feeling great on EV injections & much more convenient than Gel

  8. Claire (verified owner)

    Waited four months before posting this review. Came in a week to the United States (which I hear is rather exceptional timing).
    Discreet packaging; my family literally intercepted the package but it didn’t matter because they didn’t open it and the writing was in Portuguese (I don’t know what it says on it but heard it just calls it a “beauty product”.) You may have seen photos of funny packaging from Otokonoko online. Those shiny boxes actually arrive underneath about three layers of packaging (envelope, box, bubble-wrap). So unless you have family or roommates who are going to absolutely tear into your mail, don’t worry about it. It’s a fun novelty.

    I understand now that Lilian had some problems with Paypal, but I still appreciated that it was an option for a time. Clearly, I wasn’t scammed!
    I actually took a bit of a leap of faith and didn’t know a lot about Otokonoko at the time I bought this, but I’m glad I did it. Lilian knows what she’s doing well.

    Part of why I held off writing this review was so I could confirm to others that it’s actually potent enough to give you what you’re probably looking for: fat redistribution, skin effects, breast growth, etc. Well, it is! So there you have it. :]

  9. Cynthia (verified owner)

    full disclosure: i bought this for a friend of mine so I’m not the person that was actually using the purchased E.

    bought a vial around january of 2021. the E has been working well as E. the packaging of the vials is really cute too.
    it is however absolutely worth nothing that the suggested regiment of 0.18ml/5 days has been much higher (often times more than double) than which I’ve heard recommended by both an endocrinologist and other transfems I’ve seen discussing E.

  10. Gem

    About 14 months on this now. Excellent results, and so much easier to deal with.
    So happy I switched from pills.

  11. Paige

    Used this for almost a year. No problems, E levels still good. Came surprisingly fast for shipping from Brazil to US north east.

  12. E

    shipped to germany in a week without any customs issues

  13. Ash

    Came super quick and with no customs problems to Australia

  14. Eoghan McCroskey (verified owner)

    The description says the product is “Estradiol Valerate – 40mg/ml, Benzyl Benzoate ,Benzyl Alcohool, MCT,” which would have been great if it was true, as I try to avoid seed oils with injectables. The vial itself however claims it is a mish mash of MCT, grapeseed oil, castor oil, etc.. Pretty disappointing on that point, but at least it arrived very quickly.

    • admin (verified owner)

      that’s just for customs,
      what’s written in the website is the real deal.

  15. Steve

    Received it really quickly and discreetly. Really happy with the product overall.

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