Estradiol enanthate

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Estradiol Enanthate 10 ml/400mg – 65 USD (less than 3 units 75 USD each)

Enanthate gives higher levels than cypionate, but lasts even longer with an half life of 7 days but with an higher period of action., we advise for monotherapy dosages (0.375ml /14 days 15mg/14 days), this make a small 10ml vial to last for more than a year.  (we prefer using 40mg/ml because we noticed an increase in post injection pain with the higher percentuals)

Estradiol Cypionate – 40mg/ml, Benzyl Benzoate ,Benzyl Alcohool, MCT

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9 reviews for Estradiol enanthate

  1. penny

    to uk in 4 days. very pleased.

  2. sneaky

    arrived to Peru in 6 days. Been on them for.over 2 months, yet to make blood tests but everything seems great!

  3. DaniR (verified owner)

    Great cute packaging, high quality product! Packaging was professional and shipping was fast, too.

  4. Hana (verified owner)

    Arrived to US without issues 🙂

  5. Alex

    Delivery is quick, seller is very nice and responsive.
    Estradiol level of 240 pg/mL (884 pmol/L) in blood test after a month (2 injections, 14 days post injection).
    Packaging is based.

  6. Cara (verified owner)

    Received in 9 days to the Philippines. I will definitely order again. Thank you so much!

  7. curtis (verified owner)

    came quick, made the tiddy hurt. all checks out so far 😊

  8. Адлит (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I had previously been on 8mg of oral Estradiol per day, and I switched to 4mg a week Estradiol Enanthate I.M.
    The stability in hormone levels has been awesome for keeping emotions more stable between doses. I had my blood work performed that shows that my levels are similar to when I had been taking 8mg of oral Estradiol per day.

  9. 🐱

    Arrived in 7 days to the Netherlands and it bypassed customs (first online pharmacy to do so in my experience). Very very pleased.

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