Estradiol cypionate

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Estradiol Cypionate  10 ml/400mg – 75 USD (less than 3 units 85 USD each)

Cypionate is a little bit more expensive than EV, but it allows for more stable levels and injecting less, we advise for monotherapy dosages (0.275ml every 10 days, 11mg/10days), this make a small 10ml vial to last for almost 12 months.

Estradiol Cypionate – 40mg/ml, Benzyl Benzoate ,Benzyl Alcohool, MCT

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6 reviews for Estradiol cypionate

  1. Eliana

    Super fast shipping, works great! The center of the vial top pops off easily with a fingernail, the rubber you put the needle through is below the removable piece.

  2. Sarah

    Great shipping, I only want to know how cold Im to store this

    • admin

      room temperature, just keep it away from direct heat

  3. Lilith

    Really fast shipping and it may seem like a steep price but given how long the vials last and just how well it works then it is well worth the investment!

    Wonderful packaging too and again such an easy process from shipping to delivery once payment goes through.

  4. Lia

    I haven’t actually tested it however I’ve read all the reviews and Lilian’s stuff really sounds amazing. I just wonder: is valerate or cypionate better for monotherapy?
    Much love!

  5. Bianca (verified owner)

    The #1 girl for getting your injectables, works great !

  6. Eleanor (verified owner)

    I switched from pills to this EC a year ago, and it’s been wonderful. The price is great, the product is incredible, Lilian is so easy to deal with, and the shipping was way faster than any other online provider of HRT. Plus, there’s an anime femboy on the box, what’s not to love?

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