Unfortunately we are not making new shipments to Canada until further notice.
Also, for some reason Coinbase is blocking people when they try to withdrawal with EThereum or USDC. If you use Coinbase, please avoid paying your orders with ETH/USDC or your account will most likely be blocked for a while


We are not doing support trough whatsapp anymore, due to time constraints I’m unable to answer everyone and many messages get buried by the new ones, now support only trough email:
As we can only accept crypto at the moment, please make sure to check all possible network fees and send the exact value showed in the order. If you already paid and your order get cancelled, email me with the TXID/hash or link of the transaction in the blockchain explorer. Due to the high demand of orders that we’re having lately, please do not panic if it takes a few days for us to confirm your payment.

Also recently we’re having a lot of problems to send or receive messages from the following webmail providers:,,, etc… There’s some people that already got their order shipped and they don’t even know that because of these webmail providers XD

To avoid problems and to make sure that you will receive our reply, please use a trustable webmail provider (for example Gmail, Outlook, Protonmail…).


Unfortunately wise is down once again, I’ll be looking into new ways of receiving the payments, but for now only crypto is accepted.
If you made a new order, please don’t send any money


We made a new wise account, please if you made an order trough wise and still want to pay, please made a new one so you get the new bank/wise info. we don”t know how long this will be up, so it might not last long.


Due to people not reading and following what is said, we are unable to accept more payment from wise until further notice, if you have already sent the payment and I didn’t send an e-mail warning that it was received, it’s very likely that It will be refunded. if you didn’t send it, please don’t, try making payment trough crypto, I’m glad to help on how to.


We had some problems which french customs, I’m checking case by case to see what happenedd with the package, please email me with your order number and tracking code so I can check, if it was seized, I’ll reship to you once again free of charge.

I’m using a Fowarding service to some countries in europe that have complicated customs. (so if you see that your pacakge was sent to a different country that must be the reason :3 )

Every purchase made in november will be awarded with a 5% discount code.
the coupon will be delivered on december first.

5% Coupon giveaway:
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