Estradiol oral


Otokonoko Pharma Brand:
Estradiol 17b 2mg =0,50USD/pill
Estradiol 17b 4mg = 0,95USD/pill (Orders of only 100pills or more)
Estradiol 17b 8mg ll = 1,80USD/pill (Orders of only 150 pills or more)


Bicalutamide 50mg = 1USD /Pill
We also have Dutasteride 1mg = 0,70 USD/capsule

Progesterone Gel capsules 200mg = 1,25 USD/capsule  100mg =0,65 USD/capsule

We send them with personalized labels, 
Written as Bicaberry (for bicalutamide) 
And Soy Pro Max E2 (For Estradiol)  

We label them as Soy protein and mullberry extract to bypass customs, but don't worry, what's inside is bicalutamide an 17b pills. you can also check on the label the use date you'll see an "L" designing what the product is E17B2MG (or 4, or 8) for E17b 
and B1C450MG for bicalutamide.